Reeperbahn Festival Special Andrea Poggio

Interview mit Andrea Poggio – Reeperbahn Festival 2019

Andrea Poggio im Interview – Reeperbahn Festival 2019

Wir haben dem Italiener Andrea Poggio einige Fragen zu seiner Musik gestellt.

Zum Reeperbahn Festival 2019 wird es auch ein Special mit Acts aus Italien geben. Zum Line-Up gehört u,a, auch Andrea Poggio. Dem Pop-Musiker haben wir einige Fragen zur seiner Musik und auch zum Reeperbahn Festival an sich gestellt. Dabei sprechen wir über die Musikszene in Italien, warum er als Anwalt arbeitet und worauf er sich beim Reeperbahn Festival am meisten freut.

Could you please introduce yourself in a nutshell, who is Andrea Poggio?

Andrea Poggio: I’m a tall ragazzo from Piemonte in love with Joni Mitchell.

What does new Italian pop music mean to you?

Andrea Poggio: With a few exceptions, the new Italian pop music scene doesn’t interest me very much. I’m not against pop music, I listen to a lot of pop records, but I think that Italy isn’t brave enough to try and follow new paths: in the past 30 years we’ve been basically listening to the same song.

And how did you perceive the changes in the industry?

Andrea Poggio: I don’t see many changes. In the nineties the industry goal was the radio, these days it’s some Spotify playlist. We still need a strong independent scene.

Actually, you work as a lawyer. However, your songs are full of colorful, diverse ideas. Lawyers are not known as creative artists right now…

Andrea Poggio: I work as a freelance lawyer in the music business. The field is the same but the perception is obviously different. I agree with you, it’s always very hard to find a balance between these two sides of my life.

How are you trying to get away with your songs as far as possible from the regular pop structures?

Andrea Poggio: My aim is to do whatever I can to fulfil the requests of each song. Sometimes I may end up in a place far form the regular pop structure, but it’s not something I pursue. Each sentence and each chord has its own needs. My aim is to meet those needs accurately.

You are playing Reeperbahn Festival this year. What are you expecting for your concert?

Andrea Poggio: I can’t wait to play at Reeperbahn. I hope I can plant a little seed so that I can come back soon. Plus I’ve never been to Hamburg and it’s a great excuse to visit the city.

Please complete this sentence: When you are first heard live, then ….

Andrea Poggio: Oooohhhh!

Hier seht ihr Andrea Poggio live:

MI, 18.09.2019 / 18:35 UHR

Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg

DO, 19.09.2019 / 15:00 UHR

Spielbudenplatz 21-22, 20359 Hamburg


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