Paradise June

Paradise June – run-of-the-mill Indie-Pop or special?

Paradise June

Paradise June aus Karlsruhe

It is the beginning of June and we have another great music tip for you coming from Germany. We introduce the indie pop band Paradise June to you.

Huiuihui. Truly summerlike what the indie pop quartet Paradise June presents us here. In the end of April the official video “Nottingham Girl” matching with the single has been released. It is about a love story in Nottingham. Somehow kitschy but also very modern. You meet the love of your life in a club in Nottingham. Between dawn and the still lasting party.

This reminds of and sounds like good old indie parties with an indie headband and a sweaty tanktop. In fact we thought the old times would be over. But Paradise June let them blossom again. They allow for a revival. And really they are surrounded by a certain flair. A flair sounding like a big city and maybe also sounding like Great Britain.

What is clear, is that their sound mainly consists of filled-up synthie areas and that the hook catches the listeners. It enters our ears quickly but yet we miss the the certain something in the refrain. The sound doesn’t hurt anyone. What attracted our attention in the single is a certain kind of blend and mixture. On the one hand, the sound glides through while on the other hand the band is pulsating.

At this moment, Paradise June are planning a first album. This will certainly be a measuring instrument for the work of the band. Because then it will be a matter of differentiating themselves from the usual indie-pop. Simply not sounding like 100 bands before them. And they have to watch out that their album won’t become too monotonous. Which is likely to happen with their sound, as we think. However; we believe that Paradise June bring enough qualities with them to dispel our doubts.


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