Of The Valley

Sundayportrait: Of The Valley a Canadian-Danish Songwriter

Of The Valley aus Kopenhagen

Of The Valley aus Kopenhagen

Soundkartell presents the second last portrait coming from Copenhagen and introducing you a Canadian called Of the Valley.

Deep Vocals. An acoustic guitar, a piano and a dense sentimental way of songwriting… This is Of the Valley from Copenhagen. With “Ride Alone” Brian DellaValle, who originally is from Canada, released his first single. It reminds us of Bon Iver and is a very nice track!

Even though Canada is the hotspot for wonderful singer-songwriters, Brian absolutely wanted to come to Europe because of his musical education but also for crucially broadening his horizon. For that purpose, he didn’t choose London or Berlin, but Copenhagen, where he met Carl Coleman (Sink Ships, Palace Winter) as a companion on his way developing the sound of the Valley. His own solo-thing was born. After his neuroscience studies he first went to northern Italy. There he gathered inspiration and finally returned to Copenhagen for editing his sound together with the producer Peter Iversen.

Hereby Brian took just the right amount of time to turn his single “Ride Alone” into a truly splendid work. We are very enthusiastic about Of the Valley and, despite noticing his North American roots in his single; we believe that he can become a next great songwriter from Copenhagen. However, this root is exactly, what characterizes his sound and what builds a truly great mixture definitely worth listening. Simply no run-of-the-mill songwriter.

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