Sturdy Finish Soul-Pop from Manna

Manna aus Helsinki; Fotocredit: Sebastian Johansson

Manna aus Helsinki; Fotocredit: Sebastian Johansson

Finnish music is becoming more and more popular. It’s about time then to present you another artist here at Soundkartell – she’s called Manna and creates soul-pop.

We don’t want to know how often Manna is asked about THAT Manna. That Manna I still know from religious education classes at school. The famous bread from heaven. Which the famous israelites ate during their 40-year lasting journey through the desert. And manna apparently has been the only foodstuff they could find.
Well enough of biblical allusions right now. We deal with the Finnish soul-pop artist Manna who released her new album BLACKBIRD. Not only that but also a new video for her single “Cripple Woman’s Waltz”.

Simply unhurried and slowly the song carries itself. Manna isn’t labelled as a mixture between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Patti Smith without reason. This might be because that her voice is so pleasantly warm and unique. However ‘unique’ again is something like a set phrase in the music business. She simply stands out. Sounds different than we expected. Anyhow, she doesn’t sound Finnish in our ears. This probably is because of her Algerian roots.

At the moment she works from Helsinki and created herself a remarkable reputation by supporting for example Muse in Finland at their show.

Even though we are not totally fond of the project name Manna, the Finn has a strong presence. Her music anyway is about a certain kind of letting go and following the inner intuition. She doesn’t always want to give her music a strong meaning, since it just emerges via the creative fluctuations. This is what makes her very likably to us, as we are no great fans of songs and projects which are dedicated to certain feelings or situations in life.


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