Interview: LUI HILL

Im Interview: LUI HILL – „I’m a perfectionist.“

LUI HILL im Interview - Fotocredit: Jaro Suffner

LUI HILL im Interview – Fotocredit: Jaro Suffner

Das Soundkartell hat den Songwriter LUI HILL für Euch exklusiv hier im Interview zusammen mit dem neuen Video.

Soundkartell: In which way nowadays are we too focused on material things?

LUI HILL: Who am I to judge here because I’m also focus on material things that temporarily give me satisfaction. New sneakers, clothes, skateboards etc. I’ve read some quotes from the great Dalai Lama lately, how Buddhists approach our materialistic world is just stunning. It’s really inspiring and I feel I far from this mind set. For sure I love new Synthesizers and expensive microphones, what ever a musician and producer dreams of. But then I recorded 5000 Miles with the most basic equipment, a thirty year old microphone, a field-recorder and a laptop in a tiny apartment in cape town. This really made me think what’s necessary for being save to write and produce music. In the end I always tell myself one good reason to have enough money on your bank-account is to travel the world. These impressions will last for sure, a fancy car won’t.

Soundkartell: And what an impact does this have on our society in your opinion?

LUI HILL: I think to gain your satisfaction only from material things is not a great and healthy way to live. You think you possess these things but they possess you more than you think. They make you less free and flexible, and put weight on your shoulders.

Soundkartell: Once you had to decide yourself between music, skateboarding and the painting.
In which way you never really gave up one of these passion in making music now?

LUI HILL: Music was the strongest voice talking to me in the end so I followed it with a lot of curiosity. I improved in music faster than in painting and skateboarding.
Making music felt more natural, and the girls in our school liked the band I was in, so this was also a go 😉

Soundkartell: How close are high hopes in something beautiful and exciting and the decline of these hopes in your daily life as musician?

LUI HILL: I’m lucky I never gave up and kept believing in what I’m doing no matter how sobering some moments were.
If you project high hopes on something that isn’t tangible yet, you easily can get burned. I learned it the hard way and too hight expectations and the following disappointment
brought me close to give up this whole music thing. I projected high hopes, on something that I didn’t fully understood at that time. It took some time to realize that getting a record-deal
is nothing that defines and rewards me as a songwriter. I will write songs until i’m old and grey and deaf I suppose The process of writing in itself is satisfying for me and whatever comes on top of that is simply a bonus. Don’t sour, stay relaxed and good things will follow.

Soundkartell: You’ve released your first single “5000 Miles”. To release just a single song seems to be not that significant.
But in which way this song has a special meaningfulness for your in personal?

LUI HILL: I wrote this track during a transition phase in my life-one where I was coming out of a really dark place and just finally starting to see and feel that things would actually get better again.
Writing this song helped me to start to breath again. The song was written right after I arrived in South Africa. I created distance between me and the dark place i was coming from. Distance always allows a better and sharper view on thinks.

LUI HILL im Interview beim Soundkartell - Fotocredit: Jaro Suffner

LUI HILL im Interview beim Soundkartell – Fotocredit: Jaro Suffner

Soundkartell: What means perfection to you?

LUI HILL: Nothing and everything. People would call me a perfectionist, and I agree to a certain point. I’m a perfectionist who realized that nothing magical comes from perfection.
Pure perfection kills the magic! The so called mistakes and the imperfection cause friction and tension they let magic start to blossom.
So imperfection, or better magic moments that we find so appealing in music, work much better if you confront them with elements of perfection, so it’s always a thin line.

Soundkartell: Many people are just wondering: Who his this unknown guy and why did he release this fabulous track only now? What do you answer to the people?

LUI HILL: Thank you! I love the unknown, don’t you do the same? I took a long way to leave this hollow and frozen place, so here I am now.

Soundkartell: What will come next and what are your wishes for 2018?

LUI HILL: There will be another singler-release beginning of the year and then I wish for World-peace, World-tour and World-cup! (in this exact order)

Thanks for this fabulous interview man!

Ganz frisch kam hier auch ein neues Video zu seiner Single „5000 Miles“ raus. Hier wurde der Remix FYE & FENNEK Remix rausgehauen und diesen Track gibt es hier in einem brandneuen Video zu hören und vor allem zu sehen. Das Video setzt die Story hinter dem Song fort und spielt in L.A. an einem Schauplatz einer nächtlichen Verfolgungsjagd dreier Charaktere. Im diesem zweiten Teil eröffnet sich uns ein visuell dunkleres, abstrakteres Kapitel. Super gemacht und vor allem das passt denn auch musikalisch sehr gut zusammen. Da es einen innovativen Weg geht und von der Harmonie von Lui Hill und Fye & Fennek geprägt ist.


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