Interview: DYLYN

DYLYN im Interview beim Soundkartell

DYLYN im Interview

DYLYN im Interview

Morgen startet die Tour von DYLYN und wir haben der jungen Dame deshalb einige Fragen im Interview gestellt.

DYLYN geht ab morgen auf Deutschlandtour. Das Soundkartell präsentiert die Tour und hat die junge Kanadierin hier für Euch im Interview.

About 8 weeks ago you’ve released your first EP “Sauvignon and a Kimono”. How was the feedback to your first release so far?

DYLYN: I went through so many changes and life altering lessons during the creation of the album. I put myself in a vulnerable position on some of these tracks. After receiving praise for being able to speak about struggles, I knew it was worth putting myself out there because it was relating to people in the way that I’d hoped.

And what was your most surprising feedback you got?

DYLYN: It’s great to see how much it’s inspired women. I received an amazing message from a blog writer explaining how much she related to the song secret as she went through a very similar scenario. I love the fact that my music can bring someone else’s personal experience to light – that’s what I’ve always wanted for listeners.

Your subjects in your songs are very serious and grave. But you pack your songs into a very happy appearing corset like in the opener “American Nightmare” or the very beat driven song “Mimosa”. Isn’t that a little bit risky not to get behind the messages you want to convey to your listeners?

DYLYN: I did that intentionally – using subject matter that contrasted with a darker undertone. I find it challenges a listener to really understand what the song is about. People smile all the time – even when they aren’t happy in that moment. Why not paint that picture in a song? Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People is actually about a teenager going on a shooting spree – it gave it even more depth.

„Secret“, for example, treats infidelity in the relationship of one’s own parents and the protagonist is getting behind this secret. What do you think in this moment is the most hurting moment when you get behind it and realize as a child that the relationship is broken forever?

DYLYN: Secret is actually my personal experience. The concept of the song was finding out the secret and exposing it. I think the hardest and most painful part is that there’s nothing you can do to put it back together. Although, time has healed those wounds in the most beautiful way and what came of it ended up being the best thing for both my parents.

You’re touring through Germany now. What are your expectations?

DYLYN: I love touring – it’s probably one of my favorite things to do as an artist. I love connecting with the crowd and giving them everything, I wanted them to experience and connect with the record.

And: Which experience do you want to take with your last gig playing in Germany?

DYLYN: The last gig in Germany will be bittersweet, the end of tour always is. I just want to bring as much energy and emotion to the crowd, it’s what I live for 🙂


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