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Hudson Taylor neues Album + Interview

Hudson Taylor Feature über neues Album + Interview; Fotocredit: Ed Cooke

Die Brüder Hudson Taylor gehen mit ihrem neuen Album “Loving Everywhere I Go” auf Tour und legen dabei auch in Hamburg & Berlin einen Stopp ein. 14 neue Indie-Folk erwarten euch auf dieser Platte und ich muss ehrlich sagen: Ich find’s nach wie vor krass, dass wir es hier erst mit der zweiten Platte zu tun haben. „Singing For Strangers“ war ihr erstes Ausrufezeichen an alle Indie und Folk Liebhaber da draußen und es schlug sowas von gut ein, dass zahlreiche Shows folgten und erstmal keine Zeit blieb neue Songs zu schreiben.

Harry und Alfie Hudson-Taylor liefern ganz schön ab und das obwohl z.B. mit “Feel It Again” ein Track dabei ist, den die Fans schon kennen. Er war Teil der gleichnamigen EP vor zwei Jahren. Was erwartet euch? Ich würde sagen: Äußerst lebendiger Indie-Folk, zu dem ihr wie in “Back To You” gut und gerne tanzen dürft. Hüpfende Drums und treibende Folk-Gitarren treffen auf den Duett-Gesang von Harry und Alfie. Die Grundstimmung wirkt schon stark amerikanisch und hat den Vorteil, dass sie gut gelaunt bis zum letzten Song durchgezogen wird.

Nachdenklich wird’s dann bei einem Song wie “Where Did It All Go Wrong”. Hier wird aufgeräumt mit Selbstzweifeln und reiner Tisch gemacht. Trotzdem bleibt es luftig und locker. Mein persönlicher Anspieltipp: “Hiding From Love”. Hier gefallen mir die Gitarren Arrangements am besten und ich bekomme ein gutes Gefühl für den Songaufbau von Hudson Taylor: Eindeutiges Intro, Chorus und Refrain. Die alte Schule eben.

Die Platte endet mit einer großartigen und herzerwärmenden Ballade “I Will Be There For You”, bei dem schon gerne ein Tränchen verdrückt werden kann. Gerade live wird das großartig werden, was uns Hudson Taylor präsentieren.

Zum Album gibt es hier auch noch ein Mini-Interview mit den beiden Brüdern:

For you it all started with cover versions that you uploaded to YouTube in 2008. What would you definitely do differently from today’s perspective?

The online landscape has changed so much. 12 years ago from when we uploaded for our first videos – hard to believe! It’s obviously a lot more over saturated these days. Starting again today we’d probably still be upload at least some covers as they can be good for getting people’s attention and of course have the confidence to show the world raw versions of whatever the newest song we have written. Playing music on the street („busking“) served us well in building a fan base from all over the world, so we’d definitely do that again. We’d probably have more of a presence on other social mediums like Tik Tok. We would play open mic nights to build confidence for playing live and then eventually get onto playing headline shows.

Your second album „Loving Everywhere I Go“ will be released on February 28th. What can we expect and which changes compared to the debut album can be heard immediately?

The key similarities between the two would be the Duo Vocal Harmonies sung by us two still remain of course and the instrumentation is much the same. What we’re really excited about however, is the overall sound of this album. The production of it by John Rausch, really pushed us to a place where we’re very happy and feel it represents the vision we’ve always had for Hudson Taylor. Having had some of our friends playing on it made it extra fun and actually there are a few songs which feature a third dominant voice in the mix and that is hauntingly beautiful voice of our younger sister Holly (she makes her own music under the stage name HALLI, only one song out at that the minute with more on the way very soon – Check her out! ). There’s a load of nice string arrangements on the album and those were composed by our friend and live band member Oisín „O Deer“ Walsh-Peelo.

„Feel It Again“ and „Run With Me“ are your two biggest hits. How difficult is it to build on such successful songs and how do you try to use them as a driving force for the new songs?

The act of releasing music out into the world is a quite a therapeutic process, a release of whatever it is going on inside and out. You write a song for yourself, to express something you might be going through or to address an issue of importance to you, and then all of a sudden you could find yourself in a studio getting to do the really fun part of painting it with different colours and textures to come out with something you decide at some point is „finished“. Then it goes out into the world and you get feedback from it. You never know how it is going to be received by anyone who hears it but the important thing I’ve found is that you yourself can believe in it, at least at some level, that you as a performer can find a truth in the song. Funnily enough, I very much disliked ‚Feel It Again‘ at the time we wrote it back in 2014 but when we came to rerecord it and release it in 2017 I had grown to like it. I suppose you look at songs you’ve done in the past and reflect on what made them connect or not connect. However, you could be theorising for years about why certain songs do or don’t work so instead of wasting that time you try to just get onto the next thing. We love playing live shows and some songs work better live than do as recordings, so really you just never know! It’s interesting, looking at the numbers of listeners on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music etc. for example. It appears that some of our more acoustic chilled songs connect well there. But also looking at those numbers we can tell that certain songs connect better in Germany than they do in Ireland for example. All I can say is, It’s a very interesting time to be making music as a career.


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