teepee Interview Reeperbahn Festival Special

teepee im Interview – Reeperbahn Festival

teepee im Interview - Fotocredit: Jan Kuča Photography

teepee im Interview – Fotocredit: Jan Kuča Photography

Wir haben das Duo teepee zum Interview gebeten.

Could you please introduce yourself in a nutshell, who is teepee?

teepee: We are two friends, students, passionate travellers, two quite different people with different side jobs and hobbies, yet strongly united by the power of music. We’re making music together for about 4 years and it remains to be quite a crazy ride, especially nowadays while finishing our new record.

As I listened to your songs the first time a comparison to TUNNG came into my mind. What are your inspirations when you’re are on tour, looking outside the windows while driving etc?

M: For me it’s actually quite difficult to stay inspired while touring, however seeing different landscapes, places, listening to music during long rides or meeting new people are definitely important inspirations. However, the most inspiring things while going on a tour is seeing people reacting to our music or hearing their stories of what our music represents for them and it is also the energy that the whole team creates, it feels like a different world we’re living in at the moment. But to transform any of those inspirations into music I need a quiet place
and peace.

T: Yes, for me it’s the same I am actually most inspired when I am alone. When I have time
breathe out and just let my mind to go to different spaces.

Recently you’ve released your new single. How was the reaction to your new release?

teepee: We released the single „Around It“ this March and it was quite a big step for us mainly because it felt like a big step towards a new sound of the band. It was also the first time of releasing new music under our label Springstoff, so we took more international approach. The reactions were really amazing and thanks to Springstoff and its team more people from outside our country heard this song and could react to it. We were also really grateful for the help of our friends who shot the music video with us and fell in love with the song constantly. As we released our newest single No Reason on the 13th of September, we are hoping to get similar reactions, hope to captivate even more people from abroad and also wish that our current fans will enjoy our new experimenting with sounds and song-writing approach.

Your sound seems to be very romantic. What means being romantic to you? Is still always a thing you can be to another person?

teepee: Actually I think we are both big romantics. Mira more in the „relationship way“ and for me it’s a little different. Mira often tells me that I am always „up there sitting on my cloud“. For me being romantic doesn’t mean that you bring flowers to your partner but actually how you view the world. I think that the world is pretty romantic place itself. It’s full of beautiful landscapes, people, relationships, experiences… and that’s what being romantic means to me, to look (sometimes naively) at the bright side of life. Besides, Mira has like 100 love songs that he composed for his girlfriend so sometimes we just pick from them and make them more

Which feelings do you want to capture in your songs?

teepee: As most of our songs are really personal, we are basically open to let any emotions flow through our music. Our previous EP Mirrors was created from the need to overcome our frustrations from the society that we live in. So lot of sad songs came out of it inspired mostly by our experience in a refugee camp where we volunteered during the crisis back in 2015 and 2016. This way of relief is one of the greatest gifts music represents for us, but recently we’ve discovered its different powers. The main feeling that we want to capture and pass on to people with the new album is hope and empowerment, regardless of whether it is related
to grief or happiness.

You are playing Reeperbahn Festival this year. What are you expecting for your

teepee: Apart from the main gig (Thomas Read 18:55-19:30) we will actually play one additional concert within the festival (Festival Village/Fritz Stage 16:10-16:30) and also got an invitation to play at the Sofar Sounds Hamburg (20th of September), so we can ́t wait to play 3 completely different sets with different setup and have distinct experiences from all of them. We hope to create the right “teepee atmosphere” in each of the places but are really looking forward to engage with the audience in different ways and enjoy playing some of our brand
new songs. We also wish that we’ll meet the right partners for future collaboration, especially bookers that might help us to play in German speaking countries.

With which memory do you want to leave Hamburg after Reeperbahn Festival?

We have some clear goals that we want to achieve such as finding a booking agency, so if those work out we will be leaving Reeperbahn really happy and ready to get back to Germany soon. However, from our previous experiences with showcase festivals it’s all about coincidences and luck. Also meeting new random people with whom a great friendships and collaborations can be established. We were really lucky during the previous showcases and have experienced some crazily productive meetings, such as the one with our Polish booking agency which got us 3 shows for the week that followed just in a few hours, so we would love to leave Reeperbahn with a bunch of new similar, sudden stories, good feeling from our shows and a vision to come back to Germany soon.

teepee live:
THURSDAY | 18:55 – 19:30  | Thomas Read Pub



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