Interview mit Slaughter Beach

Spot Festival Special #6 mit Slaughter Beach im Interview

Slaughter Beach im Spot Festival Special

Slaughter Beach im Spot Festival Special

In der sechsten Ausgabe unseres Spot Festival Specials haben wir die dänische Band Slaughter Beach zum Gespräch gebeten. Lest hier das erste Interview der Band in Deutschland beim Soundkartell.Das Soundkartell wohl das erste Interview mit der dänischen Band in Deutschland klar gemacht. Wir haben mit Slaughter Beach darüber gesprochen, wieso Songs verdammt nochmal immer eine Bedeutung brauchen. Was uns auf dem Spot Festival erwartet und inwiefern ihr Bandname mit einer Küstenstadt in den USA zusammenhängt.


Soundkartell: What makes the Spot Festival so special for you?
In three sentences: Where are you from and how did it all start?

Slaughter Beach: „We’re from a city in Denmark called Odense. Mads and I started
making music together while we were still in school, but it was not until we were joined by Hasse that we became the band we are today.
We’re very excited about playing Spot Festival. Not everyone gets to play there, and it’s a great opportunity to achieve some exposure for the band.“

Soundkartell: Your sound is not like the stereotype indie-sound. Which role does the „psychedelic-moment“ play in your music and songwriting?

Slaughter Beach: „I don’t see our music as being that psychedelic really. While writing
the songs we usually just go wherever they take us, but while producing and mixing we often try to avoid falling for the obvious choices. That’s where the weirdness in our sound occurs, I guess.“

Soundkartell: Certainly you know that Slaughter Beach is a small town in the Sussex County. What is the reasion why you namend your project like this small town?

Slaughter Beach: „We just sort of stumbled across it while looking at a map at the time we were trying to come up with a band name. There isn’t a deep meaning with it, we just thought the contrast between the two words sounded cool.“

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Soundkartell: The people from the Spot Festival decribes your music as a whirlwind of noisy rock and dreamy melodies. Isn’t that very opposing?

Slaughter Beach: „Yeah, it is. But it’s two things we love. We’re mainly focused on melody, but how you choose to wrap it is just as important, in our opinion. A pretty melody in not-so-pretty surroundings makes the melody even prettier.“

Soundkartell: You are standing at the beginning of your career. Where do you see the Slaughter Beach in the end of the year?

Slaughter Beach: „Hopefully we’ll be a lot more experienced band with a sweet record deal.“

Soundkartell: In which way a good career in the musicscene depends on the right people you will meet at the right time?

Slaughter Beach: „It’s hard to say. Meeting the right people at the right time is great and can be a huge stepping stone for a band. If you don’t meet the right people at the right time, but your music is still good and you’re persistent enough, then it doesn’t really matter. I like to believe that in the end it all comes down to whether or not the music you’re making is good enough.“

Soundkartell: Music magazines like NME and The Line Of Best Fit got aware of your music. In which way this is something that causes a creative process?

Slaughter Beach: „It feels great when you catch the attention of those huge music sites. But when it comes to our creative processes we try to clear our minds of such things as we want to feel as free as possible.“

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Soundkartell: For us it is very annoying to ask musicians what a special song is about. Please give us one expressive reason why it do not need always a reason to make music or wrote a song that is called „For You“, „Break Me“ or something like that.

Slaughter Beach: „Most of our songs are made without knowing what the sentences we come up with mean, or if they mean anything at all. I think our songs are expressions of a state of mind we where in while writing them, rather than being small stories about something specific.“

Soundkartell: What can we expect from your gig at Spot Festival this year?

Slaughter Beach: „An energetic and intense experience hopefully!“

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