Psymon Spine

New Pop from New York by Psymon Spine

Psymon Spine aus Brooklyn, New York; Credit: Jake Oleson

Psymon Spine aus Brooklyn, New York; Credit: Jake Oleson

We continue with a band from New York. With Psymon Spine Soundkartell presents you a somehow unusual six-person band. Why they are so unusual you’ll find out here.

Only for your clarification: Graham Dickson is one of the band members of the Crystal Fighters. That’s not everything. He is also the owner of the label Axis Mundi Records. For his label Graham also took Psymon Spine and accepted to take care of their EP and their production.
The EP has been released recently on May 19 and the sound on it was described to us very shortly just like that: It is like walking through the rainforest by night and finally finding a place where you feel safe and can stay.

A weird description. However the sound truly is not that ordinary how we know it from elsewhere. Very far in the background Psymon Spine construct their vocals. The foreground is build by the instruments. “Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels” is the first single of the band and was written when the two founders Peter Spears and Noah Prebish finally brought themselves to found Psymon Spine. Peculiarly they went to London for a show, where they got offered a deal with the label. This is how simple it can sometimes be!

Somehow the sound by the US-Americans seems blurred. According to the cool music expert chargon this is called “fuzzy”. The sound is completed by great beats such as in their new single “Shocked”. In some way this already sounds tropical – like finding yourself in the rainforest. Even though tropical might evoke strange and impalpable associations.
Foremost this sounds like a trendy metropolitan sound to us. We could even claim to hear their origin – New York – in their work. Anything as cool and as modern like that wouldn’t exist in Berlin.

We are really glad that we got sent this music tip. Hereby we deal with a truly new and remarkably beautiful pop format.

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