Analog Synthie-Sound by Muutes from Hamburg

Das Duo Muutes aus Hamburg; Credit: Muutes

Das Duo Muutes aus Hamburg; Credit: Muutes

Hamburg. This is a city a lot of perfect German music is coming from. With Muutes we have made another discovery. Read here, what is waiting for you.

A breakthrough has failed to appear so far. Muutes already exist since 2009, but they aren’t really known round here. This is especially valid for southern Germany. In Hamburg the things look differently. This might be because that it is only since 2015 that they are called Muutes and have engaged in several band projects. Nevertheless, we don’t know of many Newcomer-Band which have played at the Melt! festival. Or even directly at the Millerntor in Hamburg.

Sebastian König and Frederik Steffens even have acquired a small studio in Altona for their project. In the studio they experiment with their electro pop sound and this way their fist EP called COLOURS came out in March. The production is strictly distributed so that Frederik works with beats and loops while Sebastian is in charge of the lyrics, harmonies and the vocals.

But Muutes is not just any new-modern duo devoting themselves to electro-pop. They produced their electronic sound carpet with old synthesizers and drum machines stemming from the 80ies and 90ies. This way it can take some time until a song is readily crafted. So, the sentence “”working on the beats” gets a slightly different significance. Their songs this way don’t just emerge out of a feeling, but instead they are elaborated detailedly.

This way they establish a truly different and much more direct relationship with their songs such as in their single “My Mind”. Through analogue synths the music receive an aged touch. We particularly much like the track “On Your Own”. Here the hook is really catchy and the synths trap and loop along. Clearly they lack a bit of pep. Nevertheless, since they appear mature, the Muutes manage to translate their professionality into their sound, so that the guys from Hamburg rather sound British or American.


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