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Looked-out-for and found: Jaani Peuhu with his darkwave-debut

Jaani Peuhu aus Finnland; Fotocredit:  Kuura Timonen & Riina Peuhu

Jaani Peuhu aus Finnland; Fotocredit: Kuura Timonen & Riina Peuhu

We start this week of June at the Soundkartell dark and Finnish. We present you the Darkwave by Jaani Peuhu.

With announcement we start darkly. We got promised darkwave and the Finn Jaani Peuhu takes us with him into his wave world with his 11 tracks on his album TEAR CATCHER. In the in-scene of darkwave and dark electro Jaani Peuhu is no dark horse anymore. Well technically this should be definitely the case when you played for ten years in another band. Then you should have created and established your reputation. Otherwise you did something wrong as a musician.

The end of April TEAR CATCHER as the Finn’s first solo-album has been released. To shape it, Jaani went for London and also for his home-country and the city Helsinki. Even though the songs emerged during travelling. Before the album, very classically the EP has been released.

What we like very much on the album is the mixture of the vocals. Which he sings very sensitively and almost sympathetically.

If that even works when the electronic beats are that dark and cool. It’s synths and song-carpets presented to us by Jaani Peuhu in his debut album. It’s truly no light fare delivered by the Finn. The lyrics are dark. They talk about loneliness and isolation. The question is, if that, what is presented to us by Jaani Peuhu in his music also presents his real life. The music touches us and catches us in all its darkness and its volume of darkwave-sounds.

Take his song “No Regrets” for example. There the bass and a beat are pulsating. And the vocals calmy and secretly step into the song. When we watch the video next to the sound, we receive a very dense and intensive atmosphere. Here we do not only hear his electronic darkwave sound, but there is also a great pinch of pop shimmering through again and again.

When you wish to listen to the album by the Finn, you should be keen on dark and very cool electronic sound of darkave. But we are strongly in search for versatile music, which is not typically marked as “indie”. With Jaani Peuhu, I’d say: sought-after and found. Very easy.


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