Gefragt: Shields im Interview: We hate status symbols

Gefragt: Shields im Interview und 2×2 Gästelistenplätze für den 18. Juli in Nürnberg

Die Shields© Pedro Pinheiro 2012

Die Shields© Pedro Pinheiro 2012

Das Soundkartell hat sich mit den den Briten Shields unterhalten und verlost für ihr Konzert am 18. Juli 2×2 Gästelistenplätze im Stereo Club. Lest das Interview hier und erlebt sie live.

Soundkartell: You are coming from Newcastle. In school I have learned that this city isn`t really beautiful because of it`s inherited waste. In which way the image of the city has changed and in which way you are part of the historic scene of music (Dire Straits, Maximo Park or Sting)?

Shields: On the contrary, Newcastle is a beautiful city! It’s a small city but there is a lot of stunning architecture. There did used to be a lot of industry and pollution which over shadowed the beautiful parts somewhat, but a lot of that has gone now and its now more culture and arts orientated.
Its funny you should mention Sting as Rich actually used to take singing lessons from him. Also, Mark Knopfler taught Luke to play guitar.


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Soundkartell: Do you think the scene in Newcastle is comparable with the music-scene in Hamburg?

Shields: Yes, in a lot of ways. It’s a small place with a lot going on. Also, just like Hamburg, we do things our own way. The cultural balance is different from the south so it’s a good place to watch for interesting new music.

Soundkartell: In 2012 you have released your EP „Kaleidoscope“ with six tracks on it. When can we expect a completely album?

Shields: We’re in the studio at the moment. We’re aiming to have it done by the end of the year. Maybe release early 2014.

Die Shields© Pedro Pinheiro 2012

Die Shields© Pedro Pinheiro 2012

Soundkartell: Last year you were part of the Reeperbahn Festival 2012. I`ve seen your show and it was amazing. So: When you are playing a live show, which mood would you transfer to the audience?

Shields: The most important thing for us is that it feels like a party. If the audience are having fun then we are. It’s a two way thing, we want the audience to feel like we do.

Soundkartell: What three things characterize your music the most?

Shields: We like to try and characterise each song individual song in its own way. We like the sonics to be different from one song to the next.  A lot of our stuff is upbeat material that can be exciting live but also has a certain depth. We like strong contrast.


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Soundkartell: Isn`t it a bit of THE typical indie sound?

Shields: In some ways a lot of our music does have its roots in indie music but we try hard to give each track a defining feature or feel of its own. It must justify its self in its individualism, or we’re not happy with it.

Soundkartell: With which topic are you involved in your lyrics? There is something that is discussed most?

Shields: Our songs can be about anything whether it be past experiences, relationships or our views on the world. We have quite varied subject matter. The lyrics often develop as the music does so they are often based on what we feel the music its self is saying.

Soundkartell: If your EP or your music in general would be a painting of a woman. How would she looks like?






Soundkartell: On the 18th of July you are playing in Nurenberg in the Stereo Club. This is a small club where the atmosphere is very intense.  What are you looking forward the most?

Shields: The thing we always look forward to is playing to a new crowd. Each audience brings its own experience so it’s exciting to see what we can do for each other…


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Soundkartell: Do you think your music is made for a bigger audience like in a stadium? Or do you prefer to play in a small club where the mood is more intense?

Shields: We don’t really think about things like that. If the music is good enough there shouldn’t be any boundaries to where it would work best. We’d be happy playing anywhere. Playing in a stadium would be nice though…

Soundkartell: Some short questions:
On which phenomenon would you like to have a finally answer?

Shields: We think the best situation is the one we haven’t yet thought of.

Soundkartell: What status symbols are important to you?

Shields: None. We hate status symbols 

Soundkartell: Decision question: Beer, champagne or soda? Hot Dog or Burger?

Shields: Veggi Burger and a cold glass of Weizenbier

Thanks for the interview!

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