Flora Cash

Interview Flora Cash – „Our love binds the music we make.“

Flora Cash im Interview

Flora Cash im Interview

Das Soundkartell das verheiratete Musiker-Paar Flora Cash zum Interview gebeten. Hier sprechen sie mit uns über ihre Musik, ihre Beziehung und die Dating-Plattform Soundcloud.

Im Juli erschien ein neues Video des verheirateten Folk-Pop Duos Flora Cash. Das Video war richtig entzückend und einhergehend mit dem Video mochte ich die Musik des Stockholmer Duos immer mehr. Bei Flora Cash dreht sich vieles in ihrer Musik um die Liebe. Das liegt daran, dass sie sich über die Musik kennengelernt haben. Über Soundcloud lernten sie sich kennen, führten eine Skype-Beziehung und schwupp flog Shpresa nach Minneapolis rüber um mit Cole die nötige Zeit zu verbringen. Für das Paar ging es dann zurück nach Schweden und von dort aus erobern sie gerade mit ihrem Folk-Pop die Herzen ihrer Zuhörer.

Ich habe Flora Cash ein paar Fragen via Mail gestellt und sie haben sie für Euch beantwortet. Das Ergebnis lest ihr hier:

Soundcloud is not that typical Social-Media or dating-platform. Could you please describe how too lovely people can find each other on Soundcloud?

Shpresa: „I was looking for new music… I was looking and looking and nothing was really “grabbing” me. Then, randomly – I found Cole’s music. By the middle of the first song – I was totally in love with his music. I started commenting on his songs, he started listening to and commenting on mine…“

Cole: „Facebook messages led to Skype calls – and eventually we were together. We’ve barely been apart since.“

In which way the story about how you came together and got married is the perfect love-story for a romantic movie?

Shpresa: „It’s the perfect love story for a movie because it sounds like it was written FOR a movie… but it’s actually our lives. It’s a movie I would personally love to see.“

Cole: „The interesting thing about our story and one of the reasons it would make a good film is: it hasn’t all been “roses and butterflies”; there have been struggles and major challenges (especially due to the fact that we come from two very distant countries) and we’ve always been able to, not only get through them but come out stronger on the other side.“

Would your music be perfect as soundtrack for this movie?

Cole: „I can’t imagine any music that would make a better soundtrack for the movie! I say that because all of our music has grown and evolved along side our actual lives. It has told our story as we go. Some of the music has been born of our most euphoric and uplifting experiences and some from the most challenging – but it has followed the thread of our lives together.“

In which way does love binds the relationship to the music you are making together?

Cole: „Our love binds the music we make because it is always our number one priority. The music always comes to second to our relationship. So, for example – bands often break up over creative differences or personality differences. For us, even though we often have differences of opinion and even though that can be hard and frustrating – those creative differences are never enough to harm the real love that we have at the core of our partnership. We always find a way to work things out!“

You are now working on your debut-album. What can we expect from your first record?

Shpresa: „We’re being patient. We plan to release a few more EPs before making the final decision on which songs will make our debut album. We will put everything we have into it!“


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Cole, which three typical american influences has the music of Flora Cash?

Cole: „To be honest: I’m influenced by everything and nothing when it comes to music. I don’t have any particular American influences. There are some songs and some artists that from time to time inspire me – but it comes and goes. Mostly I just try to express myself through my work and if sounds inspired or influenced by someone else – then maybe it is, but it’s not a conscious thing.“

Could you please explain in a short way (perhaps with a spontaneous foto from you both) in which way the american and the swedish impact fit together in a perfect way in your music?

Cole: „Picture a cheeseburger…“
Shpresa: „…with meatballs on it, instead of a patti…“

In which way do you think nowadays it is not that important where a band has its homebase?

Cole: „The internet has obviously changed everything. Location is quickly becoming a meaningless concept (assuming that you have an internet connection.) Our whole relationship – the music – everything we’ve created and done – we owe to modern technology; the internet in particular. Even the way fans consume music is changing – people are increasingly less loyal to the localities in which they reside. It’s a truly a global music market in many respects, even for more independent bands such as ourselves.“

Don’t you think that this is convertible?

Cole: „I think it applies across the board to business, the arts, education etc. (Physical) location is becoming increasingly less important.“

Which emotion do you want to conserve in your music?

Shpresa: „No emotion in particular. I just want people to feel whatever they feel when they listen to Flora Cash.“

Is there anything intimate in your music that was – in the beginning of your band-project – was really intimate and now it comes apart in your music?

Both: „Nope, not really.“

Did you realized a moment in your music, in your songs in which you noticed that it was like a kind of magic feeling, something that exists only between you both?

Shpresa: „It can be intimidating to write music with someone else when you’ve spent so much time writing it by yourself… even if that person is the one you love! The magic moment for me was when the ‘walls’ finally came down and I didn’t feel like I had to prove anything or “be awesome” all the time. I just felt comfortable singing and writing with Cole. That was magic.“

If yes, do you want to transport it to the crowd in your live-shows?

Shpresa: „I think the crowd senses the love we have for each other and the sense of ease we feel around each other. We don’t have to try to convey that to them because it just comes naturally.“

What is your greatest whish for the future for you as a band and in private?

Cole: „My greatest wish for the future of our band is that we continue to evolve and write the things we so love writing. I hope we continue to reach more people who are perhaps waiting for our music but don’t even realize it yet. I want us to stay true to our vision. In private: the greatest wish is to have as healthy a relationship throughout our lives as we do now. We think the key to that is open and honest communication and a willingness to grow together.“

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