Youngblood Interview

Reeperbahn Festival Special Youngblood Interview

Youngblood Reeperbahn Festvial Special - Fotocredit: KeziaNathe

Youngblood Reeperbahn Festvial Special – Fotocredit: KeziaNathe

Im Reeperbahn Festival Special habe ich die Dream-Pop Band Youngblood aus Vancouver im Interview.

Youngblood kommen aus Vancouver und sind auch Teil des Reeperbahn Festivals. Hier beim Soundkartell starten wir in das Special in dem ich eine Top 5 ausgewählt habe an kanadischen Acts. Eine Top 5, die ihr Euch beim Festival nicht entgehen lassen solltet. Handverlesen sozusagen wie es so schön heißt.

Please just introduce yourself in three sentences.

I am Alexis Young of Youngblood. If I could be a drink I would be a Piña Colada. If I had to save one thing in my house during a fire it would be my collection of rocks gifted to me by strangers. (I am excited to see how this translates to German.)

Canada is hosting the Reeperbahn Festival as a special country this year. In which way you feel honoured to come here to Hamburg and will burn down a Liveset?

I’ve been wanting to play Reeperbahn for years, so having this opportunity to come and melt some German brains is such a treat. Also, I thought there would be free hamburgers.

You say that riches and fame, health and fitness, and finding love are the three biggest things that people obsessively centre their lives around. I think we can not change the other people but maybe we can raise the awareness. In which way your music is a like filter for that awareness?

I think singing about your observations of your direct environment is the best way to express yourself as an artist. I don’t mean to change the world, but merely observe it and reflect it in my songs.

If you should express your work and the songs you wrote until today with just one french word, which one would it be?


You returned to the french language for “Laisse tomber les filles”. Why that change and what does that mean for your future productions?

I love music and films from the 60s, particularly French films. I don’t think I will continue to make French music, but this was a specific ode to past inspiration.
Youngblood Reeperbahn Festvial Special - Fotocredit: KeziaNathe

Youngblood Reeperbahn Festvial Special – Fotocredit: KeziaNathe

Imagine you have to take a walk with a group of very different people. Older ones, younger ones, people who only listens to HipHop tracks and other people which seems not that open minded and the walk will take 3h hours. There is only you with your songs and you have to chance to convince these people of your sound or make them feeling familiar with it. What would you do in these 3 hours?

3 hours seems actually like a lot of time to do some convincing. I think if you spend 3 hours walking with anyone you should hopefully see a part of the world from their perspective, and learn to appreciate who they are. All you can really do is be honest and kind, and if they don’t like it, who are you to try to force them?

If you have to write something like a weekly report of this week in Germany, here in Hamburg. What are your milestones you want to reach and is there a progress you wish to feel you will make in these days?

I would want to find the most polar opposite types of people and interview them as to how they are feeling on that day to see how life can shift on a day-to-day basis among the residents of Hamburg.

To come and play your own songs on a different continent must be amazing. Is it a difficult goal not to have too high expectations?

It is incredibly important to take the time to truly appreciate the things you’ve accomplished while still working towards the next goal. Success is an arbitrary imaginative figure that would be nothing without the journey.

If we Germans only have time to listen to 2 minutes of any of your songs. Which one should it be to get convinced if your sound?

I think Germans would be into the vibe of Easy Nothing.



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