Soundkartell präsentiert: Tourtagebuch Rangleklods

Soundkartell präsentiert: Tourtagebuch Rangleklods – Tag 2 (Sa. 21.09.12)

Live at U&G

Das Soundkartell präsentiert euch zwar etwas verspätet aber nicht ohne Grund den zweiten Tag des Tourtagebuchs von Rangleklods. Darüber spricht er über den Touralltag, und darüber wie nach den Konzerten gefeiert wird.

PART 2 – 22.09


Hi again Soundkartell,

I missed yesterdays update. It’s been a busy few days. The DJ-set Friday at Übel und Gefärhlich went down nicely. Reptile Youth won the crowd over and as soon as they finished my job was to keep them in the zone. It worked on a good portion of the audience who were treated to some UK House and L.A. Bass. The subwoofers were working like a charm on the 808 kicks. Love that sound! And I love that club!

When I woke up Saturday I didn’t feel my best though. But we had an early soundcheck, so with heavy heads we went to Indra. Then of course what happened was that we had to wait for two hours at the venue to do our soundcheck because the previous band wasn’t done yet. So we waited around, drinking coffee. That’s a big part of touring – waiting around. Soundcheck was over and done late afternoon at which point I decided to go back to our place to relax. The others went out to see Reeperbahn. I just didn’t have it in me.

Breakfast at Hotel Tina

I’ve been balancing on the edge of sickness for a few weeks now, so to be able to play a good concert at midnight the only thing to do was to go back and try to sleep. And it was a good decision cause when I went back to Indra around 23.00 I was feeling much, much better. The concert was good. Indra was completely full. The sound system hadn’t been put together to play our kind of music though, so a third into the set the bass amplifier went out. It came back 30 seconds later, but after that the sound tech didn’t dare push the faders quite as much. So volume and sound-wise it could have been quite a lot better. But since it was a technical thing that was out of our and even the sound techs hands the only thing to do was just play as well as possible. And it worked out because people were dancing during most of the concert – even some who were standing way, way back.

Logo at U&G

After the concert we went to some sort of Reeperbahn Festival after party. We’d heard there was free drinks. There was. We had a lot of them! We met up with a whole bunch of other Danish bands there. It’s like a big family. Everyone is way supportive of each other. I believe that is one of the reasons why so much good music is coming out of Denmark at the moment. People help each other and there’s a very healthy search for originality going on. Almost no bands are doing the exact same thing.

We got back at six this morning. Then I slept until 2 o’clock. All in all Reeperbahn has been a great experience. Now we’ll have to wait and see how much it’ll bring along. One thing is for sure: I hope a lot more will happen in Germany. The audience here is so good! They listen carefully, they’re open to new sounds and ideas, and they aren’t to shy to dance even during the very first track of a concert. I’m crossing my fingers and hope that a lot will happen when the album is released on the 19th of October.

Drinks at U&G

Drinks at U&G

All the best,




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